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07 December 2012 @ 08:19 pm

We are leaving claiming for the Bottom!Draco "Adaptations" Fest open right up til February 2013! Come join in the fun!
(Dateline for fest submission is on Feb 15th, 2013)

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27 August 2012 @ 07:33 pm

I really wanted to try a bonding/marriage fic, and I haven't written a Charlie/Draco one before, so I figured I'd have a go. As Draco has the dark mark, he can only be taken into the order- and protected- if he has someone to take credit for his actions, someone to look after him. A spouse. His only option is Charlie Weasley, the 'attractive, intimidating one'. R&R

I've just started writing it, but it should be quite long, and updated regularly.
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23 June 2012 @ 09:16 pm
Title: A Proud Tradition
Author: lokifan
Word count: ~1000
Characters/pairings: Charlie/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Birthday spankings are a proud tradition. And anyway, Charlie wouldn’t be with Draco if he didn’t enjoy danger.
Warnings: spanking
Disclaimer: The boys and girls belong to JKR, even though I’m often much nicer to them than she is.
Author’s Notes: This was written for vix_spes as part of my drabble meme for Draco’s birthday; she requested Charlie and Draco and spanking.

A Proud Tradition
07 May 2011 @ 07:27 pm
Does anyone have a working link for, or copy of, kishijoten's Charlie/Draco fic A Different War? I'd love to read it, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

16 March 2011 @ 11:27 am
I'm looking for a Charlie/Draco fic that I read last year and loved and apparently did not bookmark. Its canon, but ewe and was an 8th year fic. Charlie starts working at a new reserve that has opened near Hogwarts and one day Draco apperates onto the reserve on accident - he was trying to get away from some students who were bullying him. Charlie heals his wounds and then makes Harry and co be nice to Draco because the war is over and people need to move past it. Draco then starts spending a lot of time on the reserve and he and Charlie become friends, then lovers. The story also features a baby dragon who likes Draco and a first-time scene in a room in the three broomsticks after the boys have gone flying.

Thanks for the help :)
22 December 2010 @ 08:10 am

Title: Taming a shrew, part deux
Pairing: Draco/ Charlie
Genre: A/U, post-hogwarts
Warnings: Man-sex, D/s, mentions of spanking, prolonged gratification, profanity
Rated: NC-17
Summary: Studying Dragons in Romania didn't work out the way either of them had planned




Taming a Shrew, part 2 )
21 December 2010 @ 10:04 am

Title: Taming a shrew
Pairing: Draco/ Charlie
Genre: A/U, post-hogwarts
Warnings: Man-sex, D/s, with-holding orgasm, mentions of BDSM
Rated: NC-17
Summary: Studying Dragons in Romania didn't work out the way either of them had planned...




Taming a Shrew, Part 1 )
16 October 2010 @ 07:43 pm

Title: No matter what.
Very short One-shot (could be more???)
Author:Internet_self (me)
Summery:Some people can never let go of the past. luckly for Draco Charlie can.
Warnings:A bit of Draco bashing, Slash, Bottom!Draco, mild sex scene.
A/N: i wrote this fic very quickly but i hope you like it. feel free to comment :)


No Matter What )
03 August 2010 @ 04:59 pm
Title: Gloved Heart
Pairing: Charlie/Draco
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2.400
Warnings: Underage kissing.
Summary: At first Draco only wanted to look, then he yearned for a touch, and suddenly it wasn’t about the dragons anymore.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction set in the Harry Potter universe, all recognisable characters and settings are the property of J. K. Rowling and her associates. No money is made from this work.
Notes: Written for the Cluedo ficathon at rarepair_shorts. My chosen prompt: Charlie/Draco in the Forbidden Forest with the dragon hide gloves. Also used for the Wild Card from my schmoop_bingo card. Takes place during GoF before the first task. One of my favourite moments to abuse canon for the sake of Charlie/Draco.

( Gloved Heart )
13 July 2010 @ 09:59 pm
Title: The Rent Boy (8/8)
Author: tresa_cho
Rating/Warnings: R; action violence, language, sexual situations
Summary: Malfoy's on a mission from Dumbledore, and he needs Charlie's help. Sounds easy enough, right?

Author's notes: This story is a super late submission for help_haiti, written for bloodyrose82. Her patience is amazing. Her prompt was even more awesome.

The finale